Zappadan 2018; Day 8

From @zappa via Twitter:

Frank Zappa was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live #OnThisDay in 1976, performing “I’m The Slime”, “The Purple Lagoon”, and “Peaches En Regalia,” along with FZ guesting in a sketch called “Killer Trees.” “Purple Lagoon” is notable for its improvised cameo by #JohnBelushi.

Alex and Alexa spent some time on Sleep Dirt:

Meanwhile, Fred Handl offers his treatment of a Zappa classic:

That’s just beautiful.

Zappadan 2018, Day 3

Alex and Alexa take on Orchestral Favorites

Over at AITWK, I argue that it’s time to Induct The Mothers

A Special Announcement From KXLU, 88.9FM, Los Angeles

“Tonight on Music For Nimrods, we celebrate the first weekend of Zappadan! Listen late late Friday night, early early Saturday morning, 3am-6am PST on @KXLU889 & http://KXLU.COM ! #zappadan

(On Twitter: @ReverendDanKXLU)

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Bummernacht Roundup

Cleveland Jeff is kicking things off nicely at …Like Dancing About Architecture

Me, I’m taking an attempt at putting down a few notes about the year 1968 over at Adventures

Mock Paper Scissors knows it’s Zappadan. And Roosterville, too.

WNBTv comes up for Enttäuschung Nacht and embeds the ol’ Whipping Post

And podcaster extraordinaire Blue Gal always makes a nice centerpiece for the holiday…I hope she won’t mind if I display it here…

Suzy? Suzy Creamcheese?

And hey, Rev. Alex DiBlasi made a YouTube. I hope he doesn’t mind an embed here.

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Dec. 13 Show in Pittsfield, Mass.

If you’re in New England during Zappadan, mark your calendars:

Overnight Sensation: A Tribute to Frank Zappa — Tavern at the A

Twenty-two musicians will join forces for Overnight Sensation: A Tribute to Frank Zappa on Thursday, December 13th, at Tavern at the A in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. They will be celebrating the 78th birthday of Zappa, born 12/21/40.

Performers will include: Matt Berger, Gina Coleman, Jen Durkin, Dan Esko, Tyler Fairbank, John Haddad, Josiah Joyce, Benny Kohn, Dave Lincoln, Jeff Link, and Rebecca Mattson. Also Matt Mervis, Diego Mongue, Mike Mongue, Julia Ostellino, Austin Peck, Rob Tatten, Al Taylor, Dave Vittone, Asa Webster, Jason Webster, and Mike Wood.

Thanks to Music Fest News for the tip.